Trump Dips In Polls After Failing To Alienate Minority

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump experienced a dip polls after going an entire hour without alienating a single minority group. Supporters were outraged at the break in the previously uninterrupted stream of bigotry and hate.

“I’ve supported Trump so far because he was the only candidate not afraid to be openly racist,” said 57 year old supporter Archie Hamm. “It’s a damn shame that he has kowtowed to the demands of the lame stream media and become ‘politically correct.’ That’s how ISIS wins.”

“I’m afraid for the state of the this country,” Mitch O’Hannigan told the Third Spur, “when the man who may be running this country is too big of a coward to put the blight of feminism in its proper place in the last 60 minutes.”

Trump responded to the outcry by blaming his silence on “a bunch of Chinamen.”