10 Great Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

Are you a struggling college student who could really use a job? Well we have ten of them that you can do on your own time. All you need is a laptop and access to the dark web!

1. Sell your unnecessary organs on the dark web.
Have one too many kidneys? We have good news! You can sell it on the black market! If your kidney is good enough, you could probably sell it for as much as $200,000. Happy spending!

2. Join in on a Ponzi scheme
There are lots of Ponzi schemes out there for you to join, and they’re practically begging you to get in on them! Check your local white woman’s Facebook for more details!

3. Sell cocaine
Not only is it perfectly safe, but it will also secure you some serious dough! This is also a great way to form some eternal bonds of secrecy with your frat brothers and sorority sisters. Yay!

4. Start a Ponzi scheme
If you can’t find a Ponzi scheme you like, start your own! It may take a little while, but it will definitely pay the bills!

5. Sell pictures of your feet to desperate Twitter users
There’s always someone on Twitter looking for feet pics. If they’re desperate enough, they might buy them off of you! Perfectly legal!

6. Remind your aging grandmother that it’s your birthday
If she’s forgetful enough, you can do this at least once a month. Guaranteed bank!

7. Print your own money
What better way to make some extra money than to MAKE some extra money? If you have a printer, you can even do this at home. If not, color printing only costs a few cents at the library.

8. Beg Nicki Minaj to pay your college tuition
Apparently she does that so it’s worth a shot.

9. Start a cock-fighting ring and have old men pay you to gamble on chickens
It doesn’t get much better than this! Gamecock cock-fighting would be a huge smash, and it’s a great opportunity to rake in some cash. Go Cocks!

10. Become a hit man
One time I heard my roommate tell her friend that she would hire a hit man if she had the money to, so it seems like it’s probably a pretty good business! It can get a little messy, but the pay is great!

There you have it! These side jobs are sure to make you a quick buck! In the words of OT Genesis, go get the money!