USC Football Forms Intramural Team

After an unfortunate loss to Texas A&M, head football coach Will Muschamp, announced that USC football will form an intramural team. The decision has received outstanding support from the USC community. “I just want to have a winning football team again,” senior Maurcel Greene said.

“Our team really just needs to build its confidence. These boys aren’t terrible ball players, they just need to get back to the basics,” Muschamp told the Third Spur. His hope is that by removing himself from any actual coaching, team strategy will improve.

The team is set to play other USC intramural teams on several Tuesdays throughout the season. Sources say that because the team signed up too late in the season to secure the name “Gamecocks,” they will instead play as the “Garnet Guys.” Senior Perry Orth commented on the change: “I think this is a great idea, and as team captain, I will ensure the best quarterback, yours truly, will be in starting position.”

The match-ups are still expected to be highly competitive. The Garnet Guys are only predicted to win their first game, against “Harambe for Prez,”  by 3.