“I Don’t Need A Doctor,” Says Man Whose Hand Fell Off

Early Thursday morning, college student Devon Buckley awoke to find his right hand detached from his arm, at the foot of his bed. Despite pleas from his friends and family, he has insisted that he does not need to see a doctor.

“I don’t need a doctor,” said 22-year-old Buckley. “He’d just tell me to get some rest and maybe prescribe me an antibiotic. Besides, I can learn to write with my left hand.”

According to his family, this is not the first time Buckley has refused a doctor. In the past, he has “toughed-out” a cold, frostbite, liver failure, rectal bleeding, a broken neck, and a tooth ache.

“I mean, I’m 22. I’m basically invincible,” Buckley told The Third Spur as he duct-taped his hand back onto his arm. “I can’t go the doctor every time I get the sniffles or lose a limb.”