USC Begins Construction On New Construction Site

USC administration announced this morning that construction is planned to begin next week on a new, state-of-the-art construction site.

When asked for comments regarding the purpose and timing for this project, the administration explained that this project has “received the green-light” due to an excess in the current construction budget, and that it is in no way an attempt to inconvenience students.

While in the process of sectioning off the area between the Russell House and the Thomas Cooper Library,  one anonymous worker was willing to answer some questions regarding the site. They went on to explain the plans in detail, which included the various pieces of equipment that will sit unused for weeks at a time, as well as the current schedule of unplanned delays. To conclude their remarks, the worker said that the campus would look “pretty much the same as it does now” when work finished on some future date.

During an interview to discuss his thoughts on the project, President Pastides was quoted as saying:

“I know the students just love getting to see and hear the construction equipment every day. In addition, longer walks between classes makes for healthier students. Then, of course, it always looks good on the list of reasons we give for tuition being so expensive.”

After the announcement, all across campus the student body expressed its excitement. During conversations with students around the Russell House, many expressed overwhelming joy at the prospect of trying to find new routes around the area while still attempting to reach class on time.