Students Flock To USC For New Adult Entertainment Management Major

A recent addition to the USC family of programs, the Adult Entertainment Management major, has spiked in popularity after its inception at the start of 2016, a report released by the bursar’s office says.

Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the major incorporates accounting and business courses, along with a multitude of brand new courses, including Adult Film Writing, Sexual Professionality, and History of Pornography.

One new professor, Dr. Diamond Maxxx, says that she’s very excited to begin teaching at USC.

“For many students, it feels as though there’s something missing from their educational experience. My job has filled that hole for me. I want to fill that hole for them.”

The program will allow students to personalize their course of study through new 500-level electives, many of which will be taught by Adult Entertainment professionals like Dr. Maxxx. Though the full list of these classes is not yet public, an administrator told The Third Spur that a seminar specifically focused on professor-student sex scenes is in the works.

At press time, the university is not planning on introducing any Honors College sections of the new classes, due to concerns about honors student enrollment.