Parents Test Candy, Die

Every Halloween, children are reminded by their parents of urban legends where poisoned candy is distributed to trick-or-treaters. Katie McKinley, 5, discovered the truth about the myths after watching her parents die.

“They told me about the stories. I didn’t believe them.” Katie explained she thought it was just an excuse for her parents to steal her candy. Every year, her mother Susan and her father John would collect one piece of each variety.

“They each snickered as they tested my Fun Size Snickers bars. Their cackling slowly turned to coughing. The panic was palpable when their eyes met. Their faces flushed a hot pink  as a stream of red trickled down from their nostrils. I cried out to them, ‘Mother! Father!’ but it was too late. They collapsed to the ground, their bodies lifeless,” said Katie, still dressed in her adorable Elsa costume.

Now that Katie knows that the urban legends aren’t just legends, she says be more careful about the candy she eats. When asked what she plans to be next year for Halloween, she responded “I don’t know, probably like Cinderella or something.”