Steve Spurrier’s Ghost Haunts Athletic Facilities

Reports of mysterious happenings in the University of South Carolina’s athletic facilities have surfaced in recent days. Several football players and coaches have reported sights of a lone visor floating through the weight room, along with hearing whispered verbal attacks directed at the Georgia Bulldogs. Experts say that this only confirms rumors that Steve Spurrier’s Ghost is now haunting the Gamecock athletic facilities.

“There is a strong supernatural presence here,” said Interim Head Coach, Shawn Elliot, who has been tasked with replacing the beloved former coach. “Just the other day I felt a chill go through me while I was gameplanning for A&M. I swear I heard someone whisper, ‘Run the wildcat,’ but when I turned around, no one was there.”

The team is perplexed by the haunting, but some players have theories concerning what is going on.

“Coach Spurrier has unfinished business here,” says linebacker Skai Moore. “I think his soul will only find peace when we return the sacred playbook to its proper resting place. Well that, or by beating Clemson.”

While many have been spooked by the recent events, others are finding comfort in the occult.

“It’s nice knowing someone’s looking after us,” says kicker Eliot Fry. “There’s just no replacing the Head Ball Ghost.”