Opinion: Why Halloween Still Matters- Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ

With the constant commercialization of today’s society, we often lose sight of the true meaning behind some of our favorite traditions. With Halloween fast approaching and everybody gathering their candy and costumes, we should all take a moment to remember there is more to the last day of October than tricks and treats; we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla of spooky decorations and carving pumpkins, but did you know these wonderful traditions date all the way back to 0 A.D., when Mary confused a jack-o-lantern for the infant son of God? And what about handing out candy? Well, when the three Wisemen came to honor the new-born king, they presented him with gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and Smartees.

I know what you might be thinking: Halloween is about scaring people and having fun, why does it have to be about religion? But religion can be fun! The reason we get all dressed up in scary costumes in the first place is because Joseph the carpenter had to spook the inn-keeper with a zombie costume so they could stay in the manger. Talk about a Holy Ghost!

Of course, we can still enjoy Halloween as a festive time to bond with our community, but maybe this year, just keep Jesus in your thoughts while you’re egging your neighbor’s house.