Myrtle Beach Residents Begin Burying Acorns for Winter

In preparation for winter, residents of Myrtle Beach, SC have begun the annual process of burying acorns in the ground. Reports from the popular beach town have shown residents hurriedly scurrying to stow away their various nuts, kernels, and seeds before the colder months roll in.

“Things always get a little lean around December and January,” Marvin Toler, a business owner on Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk says. “You have to start squirreling away early, or you’re in for a rough season.”

While some tensions have emerged over hoard territory and ownership, the city government says the transition has gone as smoothly as ever. Residents will begin their hibernation in a few weeks, before waking for the spring hatching of tourists. 

Some conservationists have expressed concern over the possibility of the annual period of rest for the residents being disrupted by foreign intruders to the ecosystem, particularly from the northern regions of Ohio, Upstate New York, and Canadians flying south for the winter.