Freshman Council Can’t Wait To Add Experience To LinkedIn

With a contented little smile, the group of 31 first-year students known as Freshman Council confided in sources this week that it simply could not wait to add its Student Government experience to its LinkedIn. Pointing to a “perfect spot” between its volunteer work and a list of every Advanced Placement test score it received, the Council said that it had already begun drafting a concise but efficient bulleted list of its responsibilities.

The group, sometimes referred to as FroCo, explained that its stint as USC’s premier organization for exemplary freshman leaders has been a humbling time. “It’s absolutely amazing that our work on campus has made such a tangible impact on our resume,” it said. Planning to double major in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Business Administration, Freshman Council is really looking forward to its next few years of career fairs and professional development seminars.

At press time, the organization went on to express a collective desire to one day add Student Body President to its email signature.