Resident Mentor Who’s Never Broken a Rule in Her Life Really Excited to be the “Chill One”

USC freshman Chelsea Rodriguez was just notified of her acceptance as a Resident Mentor for Preston’s Living and Learning Community, and she immediately accepted, with a newfound excitement to be the “chill one.”

“A lot of RM’s are really uptight about all of their duties, but I know they’ll see me as pretty relaxed. My only goal is for them to see me as a supportive mentor and give them the opportunity open up to me in an organic way, while I follow every single protocol ever given to me in any training setting ever,” she said about her future role.

“I don’t mind if my residents have a little fun if they’re being safe, and as long as I don’t hear the slightest sound coming from anyone’s room past 7 pm, no one’s going to face any disciplinary action,” Rodriguez explained, when asked about her potential style as an RM.

“I want to do fun hall activities in the beginning of the semester like the human knot and icebreakers like Charades, ‘You May Think I’m Cool But…”, and Two Truths and a Lie, and those things will definitely make my residents want to spend more time with each other,” she explained.

“I hope they get to know me for who I show them I am and that they remember that there is a huge power disparity between us, so our relationship will never be as authentic as they think it can be,” she told us, minutes after she accepted the position.

At press time, Rodriguez was found cutting construction paper for a Pixar movie themed birthday wall that she planned to keep “G-rated” and “free of any vandalism or obscenity.”