List: How to be the Coolest Freshman on Your Hall

Now that you’ve gotten used to living on campus, the power struggle to be the coolest freshman on your hall is in full swing.  Here is the definitive list to end that battle as the clear victor:

1. Proudly wear the Class of 2021 shirt on a weekly basis, along with the lanyard you were given during welcome week.

2. Leave your door open to encourage your fellow hallmates to come in and really get to know you.

3. Identify the really hot guy/girl that lives on your hall, and even if you never work up the nerve to talk to them, tell your friends you’re really considering it.

4. Do all of your homework in a common room, but only while everyone else is doing theirs.

5. Courteously ask if people want to join you in your hall GroupMe every time you leave the building.

6. Explore the many USC-themed Snapchat geofilters, and if you’ve used them all, recycle your favorites!

7. Enjoy a group discount and order Fake IDs with all your neighbors.

8. Put your roommate to the test and see how long the two of you can keep a fish alive.

9. Show off your rebellious side and skip the first 10 minutes of the required hall meetings.

10. Show your school spirit and hang up the posters of Coach Muschamp and the Volleyball Team you got from Russell House.

11. Attend every Soccer game from August through November, but only stay long enough to get points for football games.

12. Lastly, hookup with at least two people on each floor of your dorm by the end of the semester. (good luck Capstone!)