Student Finds Cryptic Message in Carolina Alert

During tests of the Carolina Alert system this past weekend, university students stumbled across some strange findings. George Emmitt, a second year Communications major, noticed that something was off about the message played by the University alert system on campus. He decided to investigate.

“At first, it seemed like they were just saying, ‘this is a test of the Carolina Alert System.’ But when played backwards and slowed down to three fourths of the speed, you can clearly hear Cocky himself in the back of the recording,” George told sources.

And the message was truly terrifying.

“He said, we’re cock-a-doodle-doomed,” the sophomore recounted, visibly shaken.

On the Carolina Alert Twitter page, Emmitt’s theory was confirmed. He discovered the same message hidden in the tweets. “First, I looked at the first letter in each of the last 18 tweets, because the University was founded in 1801. I lined those letters up in reverse order, scrambled them around a little bit, and that’s when I saw it: Cock-a-doodle-doomed,” Emmitt told sources. With the unveiling of the new Cocky statue last Friday, the student is wary of what is yet to come.

“He’s got us surrounded,” a teary eyed Emmitt told sources, explaining that the statue has been following him closely with its eyes. He says he’s uncertain what will happen next, but advises students to be on their guard around campus in the coming weeks.