Editorial: Smash or Pass

It’s time to play “Smash or Pass”. The rules are simple: we will give you an object. Then you tell us whether you’d smash, or pass. Be careful, though, because there are right and wrong answers. Let’s get started.

1) This car


If you said pass, you’d be correct. Smashing this car would be very bad. It looks like an antique!

2) This Pumpkin


The correct answer for this one would be Smash! Haha, get it? Because there’s a band called Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a play on words.

3) A Kidney Stone



Ideally you’d want to pass this one. But if you’re unable to, smashing it would be a good alternative.

4) A Cockroach



If you didn’t say smash for this one, there’s something seriously wrong with you. WTF.

5) Your Chemistry Test



This one could also go both ways. Of course, you want to pass it, but “smashing” it would be considered good too. This one is up to your creative interpretation.

6) Your Phone


Your girlfriend is asking you for your phone. Depending on what your last text was, you could either smash it, or pass it. It’s up to you, but choose wisely.

7) That Like ButtonĀ 



That’s right! Smash! And if you said pass, We’re not sure why you would even keep reading up to this point.

Anyways, thanks for playing Smash or Pass. Join us next time when I play something way worse!