Kanye Announces Anti-Piracy Campaign

Speaking from the deck of his newly built ship, “Queen B’s Revenge”, Kanye West announced earlier today that he would be setting sail in a new anti-piracy campaign. Responding to estimated statistics regarding the illegal sharing of his latest album, “The Life of Pablo,” this announcement comes only a week after rumors began circulating that Kanye had spent approximately two million dollars to commission the 1800s era ship.

Outlining his plans for this voyage, Kanye stated that he intends to spend roughly 2-3 years at sea during this initial venture. Furthermore, among the primary goals for this voyage were to seek out and raid “The Pirate Bay”. In a statement given to reporters, he claimed that The Pirate Bay “was a scourge upon society,” and that the criminal haven “must be destroyed.”

Kanye went on to say that he would make applications for his crew public within the next week, and that among the requirements would be a high tolerance for rum and a resistance to seasickness.