6 Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021 That Won’t Get You Fired One Day!

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. People get dressed up, tell spooky ghost stories, eat lots of sweet treats; it’s great! But some people do end up getting in trouble after the night is over. Whether you egged a house, dressed up in a costume that is totally not woke, or took two bars from the lazy neighbor who just put out a bowl on their porch, you may end up in some hot water. We can’t help it if you paint someone’s siding with chicken spawn, but we can point you in the right direction with a costume. Here are some non-controversial, super fun ideas!

A Confederate Soldier

This look is a classic! Everyone knows how much of a loser the Confederacy is, and is sure to get the joke. Don’t wear this if you don’t want to be the life of the party. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, all known party animals. Also, who doesn’t look good in grey? Guess who has two thumbs and lost the Civil War? This Guy!

Rapper 6ix9ine

What’s not to like about this goofy guy? He has rainbow hair, some silly tattoos, and is a hit with the kids. Anyone can pull this look off with minimal effort. 6ix9ine also recently got charged with racketeering, but to be honest, we have no idea what that is, probably something to do with tennis. And as a plus, for any adults around, some may notice that his name also sounds like a sexy thing!


The Dude with the Horns from the Capital Riot

All you hear is Squid Game this, Squid Game that, but the best costume ideas are definitely gonna come from January 6th. There are so many characters to choose from! You can go as the aforementioned Horn Dude, The Podium Thief, or even The Elusive Pelosi Desk Guy! All the folks around are sure to have a good sense of humor about the whacky insurrection.

Your Favorite Dictator

This is one for the history buffs. The choices are endless too – from Caesar to Mao Zedong, there is a dictator for everyone. If you’re going with a group of friends, you could go as the Axis powers crew! But, warning, if you and your friends go as the crew, you are liable to get super turnt! Nobody can break it down like Stalin can.

A Caricature of Your Friend’s Biggest Flaw

We’re sure you have that one friend. So take that friend, dress up as a caricature of your least favorite thing about them, step back, and listen as laughs ensue. They are sure to see the joke in it and they will be so honored you chose them as the butt of it. At Third Spur, we have a writer that was born with an abnormally large nose. One Halloween, for the office party, we gathered behind their back, and all came dressed exactly like them while wearing comically large noses. They laughed so hard, that they ended up crying in the bathroom the whole time!

Justin Trudeau as Aladdin

Aladdin is SO overdone, but oh boy, do we have a solution for that. Beloved Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is known for his sick Aladdin costume. In fact, when pictures surfaced of it from years back, the media went crazy because it was so fire! He has even made it super easy to copy the look! Trudeau recently released his signature Aladdin makeup kit, Trudeau’s Chocolate®, available at a CVS near you!


Have fun this Halloween, stay safe, and prepare for all of your friends to remain friends with you on Facebook after you show up in the most tasteful and well-timed costume of the year!