Editorial: We’re Committed to the Truth, and this Relationship

As we begin another semester, we as the editing staff of Third Spur felt it was important to renew our vows, so to speak. We want to reiterate our 100% commitment to the truth, as well as our continuing commitment to this relationship with you.

Since 2014, it’s been our mission as editors to deliver the most factual publication at the University of South Carolina. And since 2014, because of you, we’ve never been lonely in our endeavor. Thank you for that. We’ve had so many good times; that came up in the editing meeting the other day. It’s just been amazing, you know? You’re so supportive.¬†We know you’re sharing all of our work on all your social media accounts. That means everything to us.

You are the blessing that this group of 5 to 6 individuals has been waiting on for our entire existence, and we don’t want anything to get in the way of that. It’s a given that week after week, month after month, you can turn to us for hard-hitting stories, scandals, and information. But you can always turn to us for anything, really.

Anyway, we don’t want to take too much of your time, we know you’re really busy. Just remember, while we might work long hours at the office, and our editing isn’t always perfect, our collective heart belongs to you, and only you.

With unwavering loyalty,