Freshmen Claim They Will Have Best Tailgate During First Home Game

A group of freshman has ambitiously announced on Twitter that they will have the best tailgate at the first home game of the 2017 football season.

In an interview on Friday with the Third Spur, Blake Vines, the self-proclaimed leader of this group of freshmen, said he would be the one to “make tailgating great again.”  Blake says he prepared ahead of time by starting a group chat for the game on Wednesday of this week.  He also was able to confirm reports that he may have secured a prime tailgating spot across the street from the stadium.

“A girl I went to high school with has a spot there,” he said. “Even though I haven’t spoken to her since we worked on an English project during junior year, I’m confident she’ll want to join our tailgate and give us her spot.  I think I’ll text her tonight about that.”

Blake also detailed his plan for fine dining during the tailgate, stating that they would “decide on Bojangles’ or Domino’s the morning of the game,” expressing that he had no concern that these places would be busy on game day. “It’s a fast food restaurant.  You show up, you get food, you leave.  Just because everyone else wants the same food at the same time doesn’t mean it still won’t be fast food.”

He also said that “although my Venmo requests for parking haven’t been fulfilled, I’m sure everyone will pay me soon.  I am friends with most of these people after all.”

When pressed further about what would make his tailgate stand above the rest, Blake had this to say: “We are an alcohol-free tailgate. We’re here to have fun, toss around the old pigskin, and get to know each other on a new level. How is alcohol going to help with that?”

At press time it was reported that Blake was trying to figure out how to fit 17 people in his Suburban.