Congressman On Being Caught Texting While Driving: “LOL srry”

Rep. Craig Butler (D-SC) is taking some heat this week after being pulled over by a police officer for allegedly sending text messages from his phone while driving 25 miles per hour over the limit in a residential neighborhood.

“We hold our elected officials to a higher standard,” said Christina Washington, a mother of two and a part of Butler’s constituency. “If I tell my teenage son to obey the law and refrain from texting and driving, I certainly expect the same from my congressman.”

Butler’s office released a statement about the incident on Monday: “so i heard sum1 saw me txting and driving yesterday. LOL srry! My b. Just tryn 2 make it 2 campaign fundraiser on time. Pls 4give me gr8 ppl of S carolina. it will never happen again, i protozoa.”

While political pundits say this statement was a step in the right direction, voters are still unhappy with the behavior of Butler. In an attempt to reconcile with those still angered at his indiscretion, Butler shortly thereafter released a follow up statement.

“OMG promise not protozoa! Stupid autocorrect lmao. brb lights turning green.”

Some citizens still may not be sold, but for many it is a breath of fresh air to see a politician like Butler taking accountability for his mistakes for once. The congressman released one final statement at the week’s end on the matter, which included a picture of male genitalia and a follow up stating, “oops srry wrong #.”