Third Spur Wormhole Special: 2032 Booster Shot Clinic

Konichiwa, my loyal Third Spur enthusiasts! In this special edition of the Third Spur, I’ve got a treat for all you truthers out there. That’s right: I’m firing up our trusty wormhole generator once again and giving you an exclusive look of the apocalyptic hellworld that a certain nondescript DEMOCRAPIC US “President” has orchestrated.

Ten years in the future, where masks are sewn on your face at birth and the left has let gay people into the military, tyrannical “President for Life,” Joe Biden left RAT MAN Pete Buttigieg a set of instructions upon the circumstance he is “elected” president(it was stolen from DeSantis again). Among these instructions, he instructed RAT MAN to set up thousands of FREE vaccine clinics(COMMUNISM!) across America to help protect Americans from the “endemic” and “yearly strains” of the virus. If you ask me, the DEMOCRAPS are the real virus. As you can see, this is clearly a breach of our freedoms, as Brandon is continuing to rule America from the grave.

If you ask me, I don’t even think he’s dead. I think they’ve got his head FROZEN in the US Government Bunker underneath the Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia. Consider this a call to action, my loyal readers. We should all THAW OUT all of our frozen goods that we bought with our NFT FOOD STAMPS(MORE COMMUNISM!)in protest. That way, all of the coldness from the fridges and freezers of America will head straight to West Virginia, where BRANDON will be afflicted with a nasty case of FREEZER BURN.

RAT MAN laughed when these claims were brought up by my god emperor Matt Gaetz(from whom the election was also STOLEN). I am very tired of RAT MAN. I wish he would keep politics OUT of our movies, tv, video games, sports, and government. All he says is to remember to get your monthly dose of MODERNA AND PFIZER. It’s weird how the left set up all of the “VACCINE CLINICS” in California and New York, where there are many more people. Meanwhile my home state of Arkansas has like three. EVEN IF I was getting a vaccine, which I’m not, I would be angry that the RADICAL LEFT is favoring their own people(I still am).

Wait, what? Damn it! Our wormhole generator just crapped out. We’re out of juice? What do you mean there isn’t any gas within a hundred miles? You’d think the RADICAL LEFT would find some alternate form of energy so we wouldn’t have to rely on [REDACTED] for electricity. Fucking liberals.