Aleppo: “What is Gary Johnson?”

“What is Gary Johnson?” besieged Syrian city Aleppo responded after being asked about the Libertarian presidential candidate during an interview on MSNBC. When pressed, the city, which has been a center of fighting between government and rebel forces for the past 4 years, admitted it had never heard of the former governor of New Mexico, showing a surprising lack of awareness about American politics.

In a later follow-up interview, Aleppo expressed disappointment in missing the question, citing exhaustion from incessant conflict. “In the confusion, I thought that Gary Johnson may have been an acronym for something, like Jill Stein.”

The stumble could be a serious blow to Aleppo’s humanitarian aid prospects. A UN aid convoy was bombed this week by either Russian or Syrian jets, and following this gaffe, the US in unlikely to support sending any more aid.