Toddler’s College Savings “Small Price to Pay” For Trip To Super Bowl

In a selfless act of fatherly love, local man and super fan Todd Johnson has spent all $12,763 saved for his toddler’s college education on the priceless experience of watching the Denver Broncos play in the Super Bowl. Johnson’s four-year-old son Todd Jr., who refers to the football players he sees on television simply as “boom boom people,” is reportedly very excited to attend the game he will only fleetingly remember.

“It’s a small price to pay,” says Johnson, who had been carefully planning for his family’s financial well-being until the Bronco’s victory in the AFC championship game, after which he immediately spent every dollar originally intended for his son’s future on seats, airline tickets, and hotel lodging. “Life is all about priorities,” Johnson added.

At press time, Johnson was excitedly donning his autographed Von Miller jersey, while Todd Jr. played with his Peyton Manning action figure in his older sister’s doll house.