Frank Martin Saves 30 Orphans From Burning Building While Researching Cancer Cure And Also He Adopted This Three-Legged Shelter Puppy

USC Head Basketball coach Frank Martin made news last night after single-handedly saving thirty children from the burning St. Michael Orphanage. Martin, whose Gamecocks are currently in a historic run in the NCAA Tournament, caught sight of the fire from his window while in the Palmetto Health Oncology Center, where he has been working on finding a viable, affordable cure to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in his spare time in between games and practices. Also, he adopted a shelter puppy.

Eyewitness accounts say the 51 year-old basketball coach, who has “no firefighting or life-saving experience whatsoever,” heard the cries of the thirty orphans and immediately rushed into the building, emerging several seconds later carrying three children. Martin then proceeded into the fire without protective equipment nine more times, saving every child. No injuries were reported. Also, the puppy rescued by Martin from an abusive situation has only three legs, and had been waiting for several weeks in a kill-shelter before Martin arrived, asking for the dog “who got the least attention.”

Orphanage director Mary Stevens told reporters that Martin  “sang lullabies and explained zone defense schemes to the children to soothe them during the rescue. It was the most amazing act of courage I have ever seen in my life.” Media attempted to reach out to Martin following the fire, but the coach had apparently returned to the laboratory, where fellow researchers say the former teacher and club-bouncer made a major breakthrough in a potential cure to lymphoma involving genetic therapy.

USC officials released a statement on the events, stating that Martin is “a hero to the entire Columbia community”, and that “he will be taking his new puppy, which he has named “Hoppy,” with the team to Phoenix for the Final Four.”