Last Spirit Halloween Rebrands In Struggle to Stay Relevant

Time’s arrow neither stands still nor reverses. It merely marches forwards. 

But what they don’t tell you is that time’s arrow is still a deadly projectile, streaking gracefully through the sky and, inevitably, finding its mark in the heart of every Spirit Halloween store nationwide. November is here and, as most Spirit Halloween stores give up the ghost, one location has unfinished business preventing it from departing our mortal plane.

Introducing Christmas Spirit Halloween, a store that’s dying to become the new ghost of Christmas yet to come. The store carries a creepily festive stock of repurposed costumes and decorations.  

Looking to spice up your nativity scene? Christmas Spirit Halloween has still got those haunted baby dolls lying around and oodles of fake blood to give it an air of realism. Who cares if baby Jesus’ eyes are glowing and all his teeth are sharp? No one’s even looking that hard.

Why settle for a spruce tree when you can have a spooks tree? If you’re in the market for a Christmas tree with a ghastly, macabre flair look no further than the trees Christmas Spirit Halloween has carefully crafted out of rearranged plastic skeletons. 

The animatronic Leatherface stayed behind and he’s sure to make you scream… with joy! Go on and sit on the big fella’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. He can even crack chestnuts in his robotic jaw! That’s amazing! However, bad boys and girls that stick their fingers or get their hair caught in Leather Klaus’ mechanical bits will get a horrific maiming incident to stick in their stocking this year.  

Whatever you think your December has in store, it probably doesn’t have enough ghosts and ghouls. Now you can exorcise the boredom from your holidays with Christmas Spirit Halloween.