Opinion: Alright, Real Funny Guys, Just Cause I Woke Up From A Coma Doesn’t Mean I’m Going To Fall For The Old Plague Bit

Ok, guys, I get it. It’s real funny to mess with the guy who just got out of a coma. Yeah, when I tripped and fell off that balcony on New Years’ and went into a coma, I missed pretty much everything 2020 on. So go ahead, tell me about this so-called plague. Yeah, laugh it up. But I’ve seen enough of those jokes that it’s not really funny anymore. You guys keep on saying the same joke over and over. Doesn’t anyone know when the joke’s dead?

I thought you guys would be happy that I’m awake, but now you’re kinda pissing me off. Hey, you guys did get me with the whole impeachment thing, but give me some credit. I did get some brain damage, but that business definitely happened before I went under, not this year.

Honestly, this whole plague joke just isn’t even that believable. I mean, 500,000 people dead? In America? Honestly, you guys should have thought smaller if you wanted me to actually fall for it. They’d never let that actually happen here. And don’t you think I’d notice some changes around if this so-called “coh-vid” was around? Just next time, make sure that if you’re going to go with something that scary, make sure I won’t notice everyone acting like there’s nothing at all.

Now just go away, I need to exercise my brain some so I’m going to unwind with some Jeopardy.