Quiz: Can You Count These Ballots?


Great job! You counted all the ballots, updated the Election Commission, and tomorrow they’re going to announce it!

Aw… looks like the ballots got wet and you didn’t get them counted. You’ll get ’em next time, tiger!

#1. Uh-oh! It’s 7 pm on Election Day and everyone mailed you their ballots! If we don’t count these ballots, the election results are going to be delayed! Can you count these ballots for the county Election Commission?

#2. You’re going to need a sheet of paper. Do you have one?

#3. Great, and a pencil or pen?

#4. Awesome! Let’s open the first ballot. Looks like it’s a vote for Joe Biden! What do we do?

#5. Whoa! Looks like you spilled your pink juice!

#6. The spill can wait, check on the ballots!