Report: Junior Still Slave to Mother’s Phonecalls

Concerns have recently arisen that Junior Engineering Major, Jim Connor,  may still be a slave to phone calls from home. Several friends and acquaintances have voiced concerns after Jim, despite being in his junior year, has repeatedly disengaged from social activities to answer his mom.

“That’s the third time this week.” Tom, a friend and fellow Junior was heard saying as Jim slipped out the back of a Wednesday lecture.

Jim’s girlfriend Sabrina told Third Spur in an interview, “It’s really difficult to work with ya know? He’s a big boy now, but his mom won’t let him be. It has our relationship on the rocks. I mean I can deal with a few interrupted dates, but it crosses a line when he answers her while still inside me.”

Third Spur reporters requested an interview with Jim, however Jim left due to a phone call before any questions could be asked. As he left, “Mom” was seen on Jim’s phone screen.