Pope Francis to Host Morning Radio Confession Show

The Vatican announced last Sunday that Pope Francis will host a call-in confession radio program beginning February 10. The hour-long show, titled “All Rise with Pope Francis,” will consist of His Holiness fielding calls from Catholics worldwide, hearing their confessions, and absolving their sins through the Sacrament of Penance. It’s set to air on WKJV at seven on weekdays.

Callers burdened with sin can call the program and confess directly to the Pontiff, who will then recommend the proper course of atonement. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, co-host and Archbishop of Westminster, is slated to help with the proceedings as well as write and perform in occasional sketches with the Catholic leader. “We’re all so excited to get this project underway,” commented show producer and Archbishop of Warsaw Kazimierz Nycz. “This has been a pet project of His Holiness’ since His election, and he’s just elated to get it off the ground. Sure, the Catholic Church isn’t known for its outreach, but I feel the public — both Catholic and heretic — can find something to enjoy.”

While “All Rise” will focus on taking live confessions, the show will also feature several recurring segments, like the “Gregorian Chant Power Block” and “The Voice of God” prank calls to the local Greek Orthodox church, sponsored by Hendricks Chevrolet. Vatican sources later confirmed the pope’s new soundboard contained both the Latin Requiem and “foodfight!” sound clips.