6 Ways To Make Sure Your Man Isn’t Cheating Behind Your Back

It’s hard knowing that your man could be cheating on you behind your back at any moment. Here are six ways to prevent this from happening!

1. Turn around. If you can see him behind you, he probably will not cheat on you.

2. Only walk behind him. If you are always behind him, there is no possibility of him going behind your back.

3. If #2 is not possible for logistical reasons, face him at every waking moment. The more vigilant you are, the lower the likelihood that he goes behind you.

4. When driving, always have him sit shotgun. This way, he cannot cheat behind your back, only to your side. If he isn’t in the car with you, keep a constant lookout in your rear-view mirror to make sure he’s not driving behind you to go see someone else. For best results, invest in a rear-view camera for your car or drive backwards on the road.

5. You can go on fun dates while standing behind your man! Go to the amusement park and make him stand and wait in line in front of you for all of the rides. You can even go on some of the rides with him, but just remember to always be behind him (carousels, roller coasters, and tea cups are good for this). If you want something more laid back, try seeing a movie with your man. Just make sure you sit one row behind him the entire time!

6. If you feel like he might be seeing other girls when he’s not with you, wait until he goes towards the bathroom to find out. Take his phone, and then follow him into the bathroom. Now you have his phone AND you’re behind him, giving you the upper hand.


If you follow these tips, The Third Spur guarantees your boyfriend will not cheat behind your back.