Third Spur Exposé: Sorority Sister Asking for Prayers After Receiving Lenovo Instead of Macbook for Christmas

After a tumultuous Winter Break, one sorority sister is just glad to be back on campus after suffering through the worst Christmas of her life.

A USC junior and third year member of Epsilon Omega Chi, Stephanie Hauser is looking for her fellow classmates to pray for her. Stephanie recounted the incident that occurred in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN on December 25 to The Third Spur, saying, “it was a really normal holiday break. I’d been enjoying time at home with my family as usual.”

It was two days before Christmas Day that Hauser first felt concern since arriving home. “I was in the kitchen making a gingerbread house with my mom. We started talking about what Santa thought of our family’s wish lists. I told her how excited I was to get my special Santa present- a Macbook air,” Stephanie stated.

“That’s when she turned to me with the nastiest look and said ‘I don’t know if Santa thinks you’ve been that good this year. I think Santa also has a tough time with his finances since Santa Junior went on a Greek life retreat to Montana,’” Stephanie unhappily described.

Hauser, through tears, claimed it was, “the worst news [she’d] gotten since The Bachelor went on hiatus.”

Nothing could prepare her for that fateful morning, though. Hauser, along with her regular sisters, began to unwrap the presents. “It was pleasant,” she explained, but not even the Urban Decay palette, Victoria’s Secret gift card, nor Nalgene water bottle could calm her upset upon opening the final present.

When she tore open her special Santa present she found not the glorious Macbook Air she explicitly asked for, but a Lenovo laptop. Hauser said of her emotions at the time, “I looked at my mom and she just stared. There was silence until I finally whispered ‘you crusty bitch.’”

Hauser ran upstairs and thus began a two-week long protest of silence. “I just didn’t speak the rest of break. My eyes said all they needed to. I only spoke to my 50 closest friends in our “Bad Bitches” group text and they offered their support during the unrelenting silence crusade. And then I just got in my car and drove back to South Carolina,” said Hauser.

Stephanie reported that the entirety of the EOX house was astonished. One member, Carolyn Shaw, told The Third Spur that “it was heinous what [Stephanie’s] mom did. What will she put her monograms and function stickers on now? She can’t put them on that piece of shit.”

In fact, Hauser had reportedly already purchased a “Snow White holding an Apple” sticker from Amazon in anticipation of her Special Santa Gift. It is now, though, the only decal that adorns the absurd Lenovo, the Disney character’s outstretched hand holding the logo of lesser brand recognition with pity.

Hauser has been so affected by the incident that she hasn’t attended her classes since the semester began. “I just want to put it all behind me,” she cried, “but I can’t. I have nothing to take notes with or do Buzzfeed quizzes on! It doesn’t even have iMessage so I just can’t go to class.”

The Third Spur has reached out to Stephanie’s mother, Doris Hauser, for comment but no contact with Mrs. Hauser or her representatives has been made at this time.