USC Incoming Freshman Guide

Coming to college can be a scary transition. You’re expected to do more work, find new friends and keep a good GPA, all on top of getting laid every hour, on the hour. It’s overwhelming! So, our upperclassman writers at the Third Spur have compiled a list of new Freshman tips and reminders. You’ll be the big shot on campus in no time at all!

1. USC’s Main Campus is in Beaufort

The biggest thing that Freshmen seem to miss is that the University of South Carolina’s main campus is located in Beaufort, SC. Only the University’s mailing address is in Columbia. Many of them show up miles away in Columbia on the first day of classes. This is a total rookie mistake, but it happens every year. Don’t be “that guy” who shows up late!

2. Knock Three Times on Any Bar Door to Get In Without ID

Even some second-year students don’t know this one! So, you want to party, but you’re a little light in the age department, huh? No issue. Just reach around a bouncer and give three quick taps on the bar’s door. Just like that, he’ll tip his hat and step aside.

3. Stand Up to Cocky

Every freshman goes through it: Cocky suddenly confronts you on campus about some bullshit he says you did last weekend. This is the moment of truth- you’re hungover and tired, but if you back down here, he’s never going to get off your ass about this. Put that bird in its goddamn place.


4. Greek Life is Key

You’ve probably heard a lot of opinions on this subject, but here are facts: murder is legal in South Carolina. Without the protective walls of a fraternity or sorority, your life expectancy is a mere forty-six days on USC’s campus. Convinced yet?

5. Forget High School Note-Taking

Note-taking in college is vital. Without good notes, you’ll never get that A! So here’s a college success secret: fill your notebooks with large Venn diagrams. They were voted the number one way to store information by hand. Nobody will be able to compare and contrast like you!

6. Stand at the Professor’s Podium

Don’t be that chump in the front row! If you want to impress the professor, be the professor. Standing where they stand shows initiative, and that you don’t want to miss a moment of their lecture!

7. Pick Up a New Religion

It’s important not to forget that spiritual wellness is very important while you’re away at school. There are numerous religions out there, and there’s no better time than college to pick one and convert immediately.