Student Sued For Having Different Opinion

University of South Carolina has become the subject of controversy  after a student has sued a fellow classmate, for having a different opinion. Sophomore Jacoby Ambridge filed a lawsuit against fellow student Aaron Trent Wednesday morning after Trent was overheard articulately explaining his position on a political topic.

“When I heard him speak in such a privileged and condescending manner I couldn’t bear to stay silent!” said the impassioned liberal arts major. “Imagine! A place where you can just say what you think with no consequences.” While the court has yet to rule whether or not the case will be heard, the university has already made changes. The University has installed “No Unpopular Opinions Zone” signs throughout common areas, and students who profess opinions on issues that are not that of the majority will be met with swift and severe punishment.

When asked for a comment, Trent, a business major, simply stated that “I was just saying that-” before being cut-off by a university employee and escorted back to his dorm room.

Ambridge is still worried about what may come from Trent’s opinion. “What happens when someone starts talking about guns, or abortion, or, god forbid, the election? We can’t be safe from those horrific words.”
At press time, the University was also considering banning thinking objectively in public as well.