‘Where Is The Quad,’ Visiting Father Continues To Ask

Across campus this week, father Tom Gladson, who is visiting USC with his daughter Stacy, continues to ask where he can find “the quad.” Citing his golden two-and-a-half years at a small state college near his hometown, Gladson remains adamant that “it’s gotta be around here somewhere,” and occasionally reminisces to passing students.

“He just kept saying that he ‘spent so much time out there,’” junior Emily Marks told The Third Spur. “I asked him if he was looking for the Horseshoe, but he kind of shook his head and walked away.”

Refusing to look at a map of any kind, Gladson has reportedly found his way into multiple offices on campus, where sources say he held tightly onto a hacky sack and bore a mystified expression.

At press time, Gladson was wandering toward the source of a frisbee which had flown above his head.