Coker Vending Machines Voted Best On-Campus Dining

Fall student polls have revealed today that for the third year in a row, the vending machines in the Coker Life Sciences Building have been voted best dining on campus. The machines beat the other choices by a landslide, and USC announced the accolade excitedly. “We’re glad to see students so happy and excited about their food options here, and these polls have shown us just how much our students love the on-campus dining.”

Junior Becky Staffman told Third Spur her thoughts on the results. “Those vending machines have been my favorite source of food since I was a freshman. I mean yeah, a lot of times the machines are out of stock on pretty much everything good, but the choices are still better than Russell, or Honeycomb.”

Another student, Jimmy Scott, disagreed with the results however. “The dumpsters behind Bates really are a better choice. I mean, who has time to wait in a three-person line on the way to class? Not to mention the 30-second wait for service, it’s outrageous. Really the best part of the experience is that the card reader does work 12% of the time, which is better than anywhere else.”