Couple Actually Communicates Effectively

A monumental breakthrough occurred this past Friday in male-female communication, when Sadie Mae Brunner, 23, and Hunter Truit, of Los Banos, California, were recorded communicating in an effective manner to one another.

“This is the biggest milestone in couples’ communication since Plato discovered dirty talk during sex,” speech pathologist Dr. Bernard Thomas said, regarding the couple’s progress. Others are optimistic about the implications of the clear and concise conversation, with one researcher claiming that men and women “could regularly be having constructive and meaningful conversations by 2020.”

Brunner was flustered by the attention her massive breakthrough has garnered. “I just told my boyfriend I didn’t want to go to Panera, I wanted to go to Chipotle,” she said, when pressed for details about the historic conversation. Her boyfriend explained that he had been perplexed by her manner of speaking. “It was surreal, she just said what she wanted instead of passive-aggressively asking what I wanted.” Truit said that he took Brunner’s initiative in stride and also spoke clearly about what he wanted. “I told her that I didn’t want to watch Footloose- that I’d rather watch Die Hard instead. She said no, but I’m glad I got it out there.”