List: 10 Things USC is Doing with Your 3.125% Tuition Hike

University tuition hikes always come with close scrutiny and criticism from the people they affect. However, the most recent increase is leading to some much-needed improvements to campus and student life.

1. Paid security guards to forcibly remove professors from the College of Arts & Sciences

2. Fourteen, brand-new steps to sign in to

3. Helpful trail markers from Bates House to Russell

4. Beginning construction on new residence halls for class of 2057

5. Pressure-washing Russell House patio

6. Re-sodding dark alleys of campus

7. Sodexo employee severance packages

8. Touching up out-of-order signs on emergency alert stations

9. Stereo system for classroom on quiet floor of library

10. Installed rolled curb on Green Street for a more exciting bike ride to class

Thanks USC! Use the hashtag #CockyWithOurMoney to tell Third Spur which you’re most excited for!