Housing Review: Living in Maxcy-Gregg Park

Located just on the edge of campus, Maxcy-Gregg’s box fort colony might just be the best place for you to call home next year. The one story (two, if you have an engineering background), however-many-bedrooms-you-need box homes are not only convenient, but are also cost efficient.

“Living down in Maxcy-Gregg was a really great move for me,” USC student Charlotte Gregory told sources. “Sure, your home might tear apart every time it rains, and there are squirrels everywhere. But hey, no pet fees!”

Charlotte, along with three of her friends, have been living in these box homes since the beginning of the semester. Now, they are opening it up to the rest of the school.

“Housing is just way too expensive,” Gregory claims.  “Anything reasonably-priced is just way too far from campus. In my opinion, box forts are the way to go. There’s no landlord, no extra application or administration fees, and you don’t have to worry about those pesky 12-month leases! Moving is stress free and you don’t even need to Uber to Five Points.”

The University has come out in support of the initiative, saying that they would be giving the colony a living and learning community within the next few years.

With the park being so central to campus, it is estimated that about 300 students will call the park home during the 2018/19 school year.