6 Things You Could Use as a Shirt for Football Games

Trying to find something to wear to the tailgates can be hard. Being stylish, sexy, and unique is a difficult task. Well, bandanas and crop tops are a thing of a past. Here at The Third Spur, we care deeply about your style choices and are here to help. Here are 6 things you could use as a shirt for football games.

1. A book cover

You find these things all over the place. But who really uses them? Well, now you do. You can invest in a really great book cover for cheap! All you need to do is put it over your chest and tie. Super trendy, super cute.

2. The bottom half of your cut off tee

Why throw it away when you could use it as another shirt? You may need the assistance of a rubber band or two, but it could totally work!

3. Koozie shirt

We know you have a bunch of these lying around your house, why not make a shirt out of them? Just measure out your size, duct tape a few together, and voila! If you don’t have enough for your back, you can always just use duct tape to secure the koozie shirt. Great look for the summer, good insulation for the winter!

4. A shirt made of all the lost Carolina Cards and fake IDs in Five Points

This one is sure to be a scene-stealer. Not only does it show people you’re down to go downtown, but it’ll also ensure people are looking at your outfit to see if you found their missing ID. Best of both worlds!

5. A copy of The Daily Gamecock

We all have seen one laying around somewhere, why not put it to good use? Bonus points if you use one found in the trashcans of the Student Government offices!

6. A second mini skirt

You thought one was stylish? Imagine two. Yeah. You’re welcome.

There you have it, super simple and super hot. Be sure to tag your pictures with #ThirdSpurDIYSzn, so we can repost your great outfit ideas!