Opinion: I Met My Wife DT Last Night But I Can’t Remember Any of It

Last night was the greatest night of my life, I’m sure of it.  I met the woman that will marry me, bear my children, and grow old and die with me.  One small problem: I don’t remember any of it and I have no idea who she is.

You know when you show up to an 8:30 class on three hours of sleep and can only remember fragments and vague feelings?  That’s exactly how I feel, the only difference being that I got obliterated on a Friday night instead of not getting enough sleep.

Here’s really all I can remember about her: She was with someone with blonde hair, though her’s was not.  She was definitely not an accounting major.  She had a black shirt of some kind.  And she kept talking about Chicago even though I KNOW she was not from there.  But like I said earlier, it’s not so much the hard details that I can remember as much as the feelings – feelings of excitement that resembles a lot of people having fun, noise that reminds me of loud music, and an alcohol-like numbness.  Where else would I experience these feelings other than in meeting the love of my life?

Anyways, I’ve now turned my attention to trying to find this girl.  I’ve been posting about this nonstop on Facebook, I went back to all the bars this morning to see if any of the bartenders recognized her, and I even posted flyers all around Five Points offering a reward if anyone can identify her.  But in all honesty, I’m not in a rush to find her.  I’ve still got the next 60 years or so to make up for any time lost.