Fuck You for Not Celebrating National Suit Up Day

Quick question everyone: What the fuck?

Yeah, I’m calling you out.  One of my favorite holidays was this past Saturday and it seems like nobody even cared. Or made an effort. Or even knew it existed!

Everyone knows that October 13th is National Suit Up Day.  Do you know how many people I saw wearing suits? Only three people, and those were just the people working in the bank I stopped by, and I know they didn’t wear them to celebrate the holiday.  Even the Jos. A. Bank I drove by was completely empty!

And don’t try and tell me that you “didn’t have a suit ready” and that a light green button down was the “best you could do.”  I know you have a suit from your cousin’s wedding in the back of your closet and that you just chose not to wear it.

You should feel ashamed and worthless, disrespecting such an important holiday like this.  But it’s fine.  I’m not mad.  You’ll just look ugly and unprofessional as you always do, sitting next to me in my suit.