Student Stops Taking Notes After Missing Previous PowerPoint Slide

Reports coming out of a Sociology 101 class indicate that student Robert Prentice has officially stopped taking notes after being unable to fully copy the previous PowerPoint slide. Prentice supposedly dropped his pencil, sighed loudly, and got onto his phone when the professor moved on from the three previous bullet points. Eyewitnesses claim that he then turned to a nearby student, shrugged and quipped, “what can you do?”

“I can’t be expected to perform well in this class if the professor is moving at a billion miles an hour,” Prentice was heard mumbling at the conclusion of the class, adding that he’s tried listening to the professor, but that has made the class more difficult. “The professor isn’t American and doesn’t say shit I understand, ’cause she’s speaking Chinese or some other bullshit language.” Prentice then began to ask students around them if the lectures were on Blackboard.

Another student, Rachel Underwood, gave her take on class. “[The Professor] spends at least 4 minutes per slide, and they’re usually only two or three sentences,” she said. “I really think the class is pretty easy to follow.” When asked for a response to Underwood’s claim, Prentice said simply, “She is a total bitch.”

At press time, Prentice was mesmerized in following a moth that flew into the room.