Opinion: I Bequeath Unto Thee, Sindarius Thornwell, Ruler of Men, My First-Born Son and All That He Lay Heir To

O, Divine Muses, breathe into me thy sweet ethereal song. For so long as these lips remain unparted, this tongue unloosed by thy melody of soul and spirit, never shall I be able to sing my praise of He whom I lov’st most.

It is thee, Sindarius Thornwell, first of his name, ruler of Men, who I sing for. It is thee that hath slain the infernal Devil of Blue, and thee who I turn to, once more. I request little, O gentle Thornwell, Guard of all that is Just. I beseech thee only to allow me to grace you with a small pittance.

O, Dropper of Dimes, Defender of Perimeter, Layer of Ups, Sindarius Thornwell, I bequeath unto thee my first born-son, the very fruit of my loins and heir to my titles and possession. May it serve as recompense, infinitely wanting, for the debt that is owed thee. Take from me my present, past and posterity, for what is mine can not be but yours.

May Sixteen Vestal Virgins Sweet stoke the hearth of fate and bring fortune upon your household eternally, and may my scanty gift serve you humbly in equal measure.

With you, Sindarius, who bears the Sigil of the Cock, lies Great Victory. March thy Holy Troop, of Dozier Brave, of Notice Pure, of Silva Strong, into the jaws of Madness. It is Ye who shall reign Supreme!

Hail Sindarius Thornwell, Alpha and Omega, First and Final, Forever!