Student Government Shuts Down After Pastides “Shithole States” Remark

The student government has shut down this week over controversy stemming from President Pastides’ remark concerning out-of-state students. “Why are we having all these students from shithole states come here?” Pastides said, according to those in attendance at the meeting. “What are all these people from Ohio doing here? Get them out.”

Soon after, a shutdown was triggered as student government found itself divided over whether non-SC residents should be allowed to attend the University of South Carolina. Complaints about the influx of northern students have been vocalized on Twitter, with many USC students using hashtags such as #SCfirst, and #DeportTheNorth.

When asked about the comment, Secretary Allison Coleman was quick to deny the claims. “President Pastides would never said ‘shithole’ states. He would never make such a comment in a public space. Except maybe about New Jersey. That place is a shithole if I’ve ever seen one,” Coleman told The Third Spur.

There is still plenty of fiery debate surrounding around the topic, and it is uncertain what the next few days will look like for the student government. Until the matter is resolved, out-of-state students have been advised to blend in as much as possible by using phrases such as ‘it’s freezing out here’ in 50-degree weather, and saying y’all a little more often.