First Presidential Debate to be Broadcast Exclusively on Best Buy Display TV’s

In a shocking press release today, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly announced that his company has secured the exclusive broadcasting rights to the first Presidential Debate on September 26th. The electronics retailer outbid major television networks CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox News for the broadcasting rights.

Joly explained that he believes viewers will love the new format. “Almost 70% of Americans live within a 45-minute drive from a Best Buy, so it will be incredibly easy to watch the debate,” He said. “Plus, watching the debate in a public setting like one of our 1000 retail locations will allow our viewers to engage in conversation on important issues such as climate change, how to defeat ISIS, the best HDTV and warranty plan for them, and taxes. Why would anyone watch the debate at home on one screen, when they could watch it on a hundred TVs simultaneously in slightly delayed surround sound?”

We spoke to Richard Davis, who plans to watch the debate at the Columbia Best Buy. “I really enjoy shopping at Best Buy,” Davis said. “There is something comforting about an employee asking me every 90 seconds if I’m ‘doing OK.’ It reminds me of home.”

In a post on their Facebook page, Best Buy outlined logistical details for individuals or families interested in watching the debate at their local Best Buy. It stated that walk-ins are welcome, but that individuals who arrive late will likely watch the debate on the ’19-inch, 720p Westinghouse TV,’ as opposed to the ‘crystal clear 4K picture of a 65-inch Sony Bravia.’