Student Government Prepares for Annual Week of Relevance

As Student Government elections loom ever closer, the Leadership and Service Center was abuzz this week as the organization’s members excitedly prepared for their short window of campus relevance.

One candidate, in the midst of printing hundreds of flyers with his name and voting instructions, told the Third Spur that he simply couldn’t wait for the opportunity to remind USC students that they did indeed have a governing body. “You really have to get out there and disrupt someone’s walk to class if you want them to recognize the existence of your organization,” he said. “I’m trying to show them my name is worth hazily remembering come election day.”

Even members of Student Government who aren’t running for office want to make sure that the week goes as smoothly and ostentatiously as possible. The SG communications team has made it clear that they intend to tweet “as many times as is necessary” in order to reach the 50-vote threshold needed to end the election. This even includes using their personal accounts to retweet the announcements. “We need to make sure we reach the student body before we’re totally immaterial again,” one coordinator said.

At press time, Student Government was doubling their efforts after a student looked questioningly at a Greene Street banner.