Student “Engineering Pioneer” After Speaking To Female Classmate

University of South Carolina engineering student Keith Lebowitz has become an Engineering pioneer after talking to a fellow female student, Jessica Desden this past week. Male peers are calling this “the greatest advancement an engineer has ever made.”

One student, Ronald Seton, expressed his excitement in an interview. “While it is true that engineers have made great breakthroughs like the steam engine and the Hoover Dam, I think that this advancement made by Keith is something like we’ve never seen before.” Lebowitz was seen speaking to Desden after their thermodynamics class, while a large crowd of males gathered just outside the classroom. After the young woman departed from the interaction, an uproarious applause broke out, and Lebowitz’s classmates carried him on their shoulders about 20 feet, before they got tired and had to put him down.

When asked about the conversation, Lebowitz said “I just asked her about problem seven on our last homework, and I don’t know, she was really nice and sweet,” while blushing and looking at the ground. Desden gave her take on the monumental event saying, “yeah he was nice, but he was breathing really heavily and kept staring at my face, which made me slightly uncomfortable.”

“I’m so glad we’ve finally gotten to this point in relations between male engineering students and women” said another student. “Think of where we’ll be soon! Maybe one day we’ll be able to sit next to them without vomiting.”